What is this?

A better concert calendar for the twin cities. Recommend a show. Share your love for your scene. Follow recommendations from people who know.

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But even better: give us ideas and feedback on our community to-do list. You can also see a quick overview of stuff we're working on. We're very interested in collaborators/ideas. And any concerns that might arise, especially from artists and venue folks. If none of the above is a good way to connect, just drop a note, label it "re: swhenever"


Who did this?

Responsible parties: Jesse Mortenson, Mike Marian and Jim Cummins. A million years ago I started listening to Radio K, going to all-ages shows at the Foxfire, and buying records from Root Cellar. I've been to so many shows since then. I've gotten so much from the music, musicians and venues in this town. This is a labor of love to try to give something back.

With gratitude to Jeremy Ward, Sam Tape, Rachel Walwood, Rachel Wasilewski and Nora Vanni for their important contributions. And to the Twin Cities Alternative Shows List, circa early '00s.

Can I help?

Absolutely! Get in touch and we'll go from there. The best things to do are:

  • Recommend upcoming shows right here on the site
  • Spread the word: share us with your friends or post our flyers up around town
  • Help us double-check the shows to make sure our listings are accurate
  • If you have software skills, help us cover more venues

Why don't you have every venue on here?

We'd love to have every show anywhere listed! This is a spare-time project, so we're building it so that it doesn't depend on a person entering each show by hand. We're adding more venues slowly, so don't hesitate to send a message to vote for the one you most want added. If your venue isn't on here yet, we apologize. See below!

What can I do to get shows from my venue included?

Make the shows list on your website good and keep it updated! (or have a list of shows on a ticket-selling site, or somewhere). Right now the site works entirely on automatically checking your venue website for new shows. If you don't have a shows list anywhere, or rarely update it, then there's not much upside to us doing the work to include it.

We need feedback from venue folks who don't have a website, have barriers to keep it updated, or simply don't want one. Would love your input on how to incorporate your shows.

We can handle any website that has a consistent, well-structured calendar or list of shows. The hardest sites to deal with are ones with big blobs of text that just use line breaks/paragraphs to separate event properties (often not consistently). The more structure the better: having specific tags around individual pieces of info really helps. If you're not sure what any of that means, please get in touch.

You can check to see if your venue is already on the to-do list.

How does this thing make money?

Right now it loses money :) Labor of love, etc.. Actually it would be very very cool to make this project a primary focus, so if you have ideas please share. Right now there is no "business plan." Could it be a business? a non-profit? Should there be a Patreon? a bitcoin address? TBD. Mostly don't want to plaster the site with ads.

What about listing some other category of local culture?

Probably a good idea - drop a line and let's talk about it. There are some other calendars out there, like MN Playlist for theatre.