Local Spotlight: Glow Mechanics

October 9th 2018, 7:47pm

Glow Mechanics

How are you all liking the new revamped Mortimer's? We sure do! So while we're trying to get their shows added to our calendar, we wanted to give a shout out to Friday's show: Glow Mechanics.

Its been 2 years since Glow Mechanic's last record so we asked them a few questions before they release "Now With More Gusto!" this Friday at Mortimers.

Glow Mechanics style seems to fit with Minnesota's varied but focused style of hip hop with sharp & solid lyricism paired fresh production that still recalls its sample based history. Did you guys grow up listening and watching MN rappers or do you find your influences coming from outside the state?

Thanks. I don't think you can grow up in the Twin Cities and be into hip hop and not have that scene rub off on you. So, yeah, we were definitely into it. Like most stuff that you really liked growing up, some of it stands the test of time and some of it now looks a little corny and pretentious in hindsight. And while the stuff we loved the most are a lot of the non-MN acts you'd probably expect -- Mos Def, The Roots, Tribe, FlyLo -- we definitely had and have love for Rhymesayers, Doomtree, the Micranots, etc.

Did the process to making this record change in a significant way to the last few records?

The core parts stay the same. It's about trying to one-up each other, make stuff that we would like to listen to, avoid stuff we find annoying in other people's work, and try to render our sensibilities in both words, style, and music. A lot of it is hearing a beat from our producer, Es El, and feeling the pressure to live up to it. For this album we live tracked everything in the same room, as opposed to going in individually, because a big part of our "thing" is the two-person dynamic, and we wanted to capture as much of that as possible.

Were all excited for the show. Where's the best place to get breakfast to recoup the used up energy Friday night?

My favorite place to hang out by myself and just observe and eavesdrop is Hard Times Cafe. If we're talking strictly tastiness, it's Victors 1959 Cafe.

7/27 Radio Five Watt Launch

July 19th 2018, 5:28am

1 RFW Logo Main1024

Very cool local coffee purveyor Five Watt is launching a local-focused online radio station, with an in-store concert coming up July 27. Not only is the stream great, but they're also featuring podcast interviews with local music heads and ramping up shows at their East Hennepin shop.

We're very proud to collaborate with them on their mobile app: grab it for your iPhone or Android right now. Tucker and Caleb were cool enough to integrate our show listings in there as well.

See you at the launch show!

Local Spotlight: DENNIS

June 22nd 2018, 7:26pm


We’d like to introduce (or reintroduce) you to DENNIS, a band out of the Twin Cities. If you’re a fan of silky synths, spacey vocals, and love stories, their second record, Aline Fantasy is out now. It’s a solid 30 minutes of weirder than life pop ballads that steer clear and away from traditional pop timbre and tropes. Come see them live with us this Sunday at 7th Street along with Ahem for their album release!

We asked them a few questions to get to know them better:

Your self-described genre is “Ratpop”. Give us the rundown on that.

Ratpop is a lil philosophy we came up with when we decided we were gonna be full on DIY. It encourages all people to create the music they want, on their own terms, in their own spaces, with any budget, free of gender-biases or socioeconomic barriers. Basically: You can do all this shit on your own. I say that especially to female or female identifying artists because honestly, there are too many men in this industry telling you what music should sound like and it’s getting really fucking boring. It’s music—it can sound like anything you want. And I want to encourage everybody—especially more women—to make their own beats and sounds and lyrics because I am dying to hear their ideas and sonic worlds free from the influence of how things “should” be done. The internet is your studio. Your bedroom is your studio. You can make any piece of art you want, all on your own, and it will be fucking brilliant.

You have a new record! What snack would be the correct accompaniment to the listening experience?

The album is so saturated with sonic colors so the only thing that makes sense is really tart, fruity, chewy, drooly candy. But brush your teeth right after because that candy is very acidic.

What’s your favorite tool in your musical toolbox?

Being a badass bitch and producing my own shit.

Check out the album!